I Folded My Kids’ Clothes Wrong

I grew up in a tidy home. My mom had 9 children, as I have mentioned before, and tidy was the only way to do it. She had a system with clothes that I had long since forgotten. See, I remember seasons coming and going, and my mom was able to swap out sizes and outfits easily. And I could never ever recreate the beauty that was the first cycle through the new clothes. 

High school came and went and I handled my own clothes. Then marriage, then babies. And now mom lives with me. One day, exasperated, I went to her. My husband just doesn’t know how to carefully and neatly look through a drawer and put together an outfit. If I ask him to dress the kids, I have committed to an hour of drawer reorganization later. His argument? “Dads have no business dressing their kids, especially their daughters. I have no clue what goes together. It all looks weird and pink.” 

Mom laughed and said, “fold the sets together, inside each other. Whatever doesn’t have a set, make one or donate it.”

She helped me sort all the kids clothes. Current and tubs I have stored by size for future numbers. And the result was extra space and beautiful, amazing results from my husband. Less fights is always a win in my book. 

Here’s a picture tutorial using PJ sets. 

This is a three piece set. I keep them together and decide based on the season (we live in Hawaii, so based on the nights temperature) whether or not we use shorts or pants.

Step 1: fold the shorts in half.


Step 2: fold in half again!
Step 3: Fold the pants in half.

 Step 4: Fold the pants up 1/3   

Step 5: Fold the pants down 1/3
Step 6: Stack the short/pant set.


Step 7: lay the shirt flat
Step 8: Fold 1/3 of the shirt in


Step 9: Fold the other side in 1/3.

Step 10: Set the short/pant stack in the center of the shirt


Step 11: Fold the shirt up 1/3
Step 12: Fold the shirt down 1/3.

  Line them up in a row with the style face up so dad can pick his favorites at a glance! This is my daughter’s clothing drawer. My son and daughter  share a dresser. The top drawer holds both children’s PJs, allowing for a one stop shop for bed time routine!  
The baby onesie is a little different! 

Step 1: Lay flat.


Step 2: fold bottom up

Step 3: fold bottom up again!

Final step: lay them in a row! 
There are obviously exceptional pieces of clothing! Comment any questions and I’ll show you how I have them folded! 


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