Sugar Scrub

I get asked for my recipe for my sugar scrub on Facebook at least 3 times a day! So, I thought you’d like to read it here with a couple of different suggestions on how to cater to your own skin!

First, there are soooo many different carrier oils you can use in this scrub.


Off the top of my head, these are just a few that have become really popular in the alternative health world. It’s important to do your research about each oil to really know what skin types they’re best for, but I can tell you that almost all of these oils are very rich in vitamin e, a vitamin incredibly good for skin, hair, and nails.

My personal favorite is jojoba. I love how it makes my skin feel, and my hair is growing faster than ever. Avacado is known to be really helpful with eczema and dermatitis skin types. Grapeseed is known for being helpful with aging skin. And almond and apricot are for those with very sensitive and delicate skin types.

Next, let’s talk essential oils.

If you’re a person struggling with acne, you’re already thinking I’m crazy for wanting you to put the above oils on your skin. Now I’m talking about more!? Fun fact, oil cuts oil better than water and soap do, and, washing your face with different, healthy oils, can actually regulate your skin. See, soap completely strips your skin of all oils. Sounds like a good idea, but it’s a lot like antibacterial soap killing the good bacteria. Your skin needs oil, that’s why it makes it in the first place. And trust me. As someone who has struggled with acne treatment her whole life, this is actually working.

Frankincense and melaleuca (tea tree oil) are both really good to add to your sugar scrub. Frankincense is known to help scarring, melaleuca is helpful with bacteria. Both of these oils are noted for giving skin a really healthy, beautiful glow.
Lavender is really great to add if you have trouble with hormonal cysts on your skin. It’s a calming oil, and it can help soothe the skin.
Peppermint. Burrrr. This oil is really good for helping cool you off in the shower! But it’s great for acne because it brings down inflammation!

Now, some of you don’t have acne. So what about you? Which oils should you invest in?

Well, you’re probably my other half of friends that struggle with stretch marks, wrinkles, or loose skin. Those are signs of a beautiful life, but ones we tend to not be fond of.

Any of your citrus oils help with skin elasticity and restoring firmness. Grapefruit, lemon, lime, and orange. Fun fact: they also curb appetite. Feel free to shower before breakfast and your soap can help regulate appetite! However, citrus oils are known to increase skin vulnerability in sun. Use accordingly.
Myrrh is also a really great essential oil for smoothing wrinkles and frankincense is wonderful for fading stretch marks and other scarring.

My last little bit on helping you understand the ingredients is the importance of organic. Use organic ingredients in your soap. It will make an incredible difference for your skin, and your health. Your body knows how to use these ingredients.

Sugar scrub
1/2 pint glass mason jar (never put essential oils in plastic or any other synthetic container)
1/4 organic coconut oil
1/2 cup shredded Castile soap (here! or buy a scent if you plan on using it alone!)
1 cup organic sugar (Sebastian and I prefer finely ground sugar. I also use light or dark brown. Gives my skin healthy color).
2 tbsp organic jojoba oil
15-30 drops essential oil

These measurements can very from 1/3 a cup to 1/4 cup, depending on how oily my coconut oil is, how dry my sugar is, etc. really, you’ll be safe by eyeballing your measurements!

If you’re wanting to buy some essential oils to add to your sugar scrub, doTERRA is a wonderful place to purchase from.

Visit my website: Here!

Or, if you’re interested in becoming a member and maximizing your rewards, email me:

Enjoy! Use this scrub on your whole body! Even your face!! You’ll feel like you need to scrub with soap, but don’t! There’s soap in your sugar scrub, and the oily feeling will subside. Let your skin soak up the nutrients.

Lastly! Be ever so careful in the shower. Oil can cause it to become slick, and glass mason jars can make a scary mess. Be smart, and be careful.



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