Rodents, and spiders, and pests oh my!

In my parents home, there’s this back room in our basement. It’s where the heater for the house is, but my parents also stored the dry cereal and canned foods, among a few keep sakes in there. Growing up, it was the spookiest room in the whole house. You know that fear that grips you in most other kids’ basements? Our basement was nice, so it was allll concentrated in that room. The worst part of it for me was all the mouse traps. For good reason, they surrounded the dry cereal. However, for me there was this horrid anxiety of opening the door to find a dead mouse in the trap mixed with finding an empty trap, because that meant I had to play Operation to get the box out. It was game over if a spider made its web attach to the box.

Spring has sprung, especially for my family and friends in central Illinois, and that means it’s time to start planting our gardens. I’ve learned a lot about pest control here in Hawaii, where the bugs are year round and they don’t die, rather, they grow bigger. Since I had the chance to really specialize my pest control, I thought you would want in on the secret!

Mice is a big concern for Midwesterners. Surrounded by fields of corn and soybeans, sometimes mice get a little lost and find themselves in our pantries. Who can blame them? But there was always that unsettling feeling when you heard the trap let loose on the poor, unsuspecting fellow. Now I have a nice alternative for you that will help ward off mice without the yucky after effect of the traps, let alone the unsafe atmosphere for those with tiny fingers.

Peppermint essential oil has lots of incredible uses. It brings down fevers, acts as an anti-inflammatory, helps with headaches and migraines of epic proportions. It’s also antibacterial and when you clean with it, it gives you some nice energy and motivation to keep going! A little help to get you through spring cleaning! Wait, there’s more wonderful things about peppermint! Mice don’t like it!

Take some cotton balls, put a few drops of peppermint essential oil on them, and place them about your home, particularly in areas of concern, or areas you feel uncomfortable having a mouse trap and a dead mouse! Pantries and kitchen cupboards especially (:

Guess what other pests don’t like peppermint?


Where can you buy this incredible oil? Here!

Ants are a tricky little bunch. I have a special spray for those buggars in Hawaii. I get an 8 oz glass spray bottle (glass is important, essential oils break down the compounds of plastic and release chemicals into the solution). In the solution I mix:
15 drops of peppermint,
10 drops of wild orange, and
5-7 drops of cinnamon, depending on their stubbornness.
Add 1/2 tablespoon of Castile soap (Dr. Bronners unscented)
Fill with water!

This blend is perfectly safe to spray around your doors, windows, and sugar canisters, because each ingredient is completely edible! These oils are warm oils, so using them where babies crawl should be cautioned, but once the solution dries you’re golden! BONUS: flies hate peppermint too, so they’ll keep away from your windows and doors on their way in. Add about 10 drops of lavender for extra effect.

Lastly, I want to address garden pests! Yes, there is a natural solution for pesticides and insecticides, and your oils are safe to ingest in small amounts so spraying your fruits and veggies with it until they’re mature is a-okay! However, it is always recommended you wash your fresh produce before consumption (:

Aphids (peppermint and white fir), beetles (peppermint and thyme), caterpillars (peppermint), flies (lavender and peppermint), gnats (patchouli), slugs/snails (patchouli and white fir), spiders (peppermint), and weevils (patchouli).

Here, I have them all. So I use all of those oils!

12-16 oz glass spray bottle
20 drops of peppermint
15 drops patchouli
10 drops white fir
10 drops lavender
5 drops of thyme
1 tablespoon Castile soap (I love dr. Bronners!!!)
Fill with water

There are lots of other oils you can use for outdoor use and ridding yourself of pests, or even preventing them! Mosquito blends, termites, and even warding off mildew and fungi from your garden! The world of essential oils and their uses is vast and it’s a fun one to learn about!

If you’re interested in using these oils, purchasing blends, or wanting to sign up with doTERRA today and get the best rewards on essential oils, feel free to contact me:

Or purchase oils at retail:


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