Crunchy Candace

The first time someone asked me if I was crunchy, I was in upstate New York. Saratoga Springs to be exact. Sebastian and I had received news of a big move up ahead and I had 200+ ounces of frozen breast milk staring me in the face.

I’m blessed enough to stay home with my son and I was (and am) equally blessed with the ability to breastfeed (and pump, a lot!). But, because I stay home, I also have few occasions to use the frozen milk. And now I found myself in a frantic state of wondering how in the world you move something that’s frozen and needed to stay frozen! After a few hours online looking at medical grade shipping boxes and wondering where I should even mail it, I started exploring the donating option. I sent out a post on human milk 4 human babies on Facebook and a mom 30 minutes away asked if she could take it off my hands. When she picked it up, and saw my dreadlocks and cloth diapered baby, she asked me if I was crunchy.

I didn’t know what it meant, but since then, I’ve come to understand it well because I accidentally fell into the lifestyle!

Crunchy, as defined by urban dictionary, is an adjective used to describe persons who have adjusted or altered their lifestyle for environmental reasons. Crunchy persons tend to be politically strongly left-leaning and may be additionally but not exclusively categorized as vegetarians, vegans, eco-tarians, conservationists, environmentalists, neo-hippies, tree huggers, nature enthusiasts, etc.

While I am not politically left-leaning and I enjoy beef jerky and whole milk too much to be a vegetarian or vegan, I have become very passionate about nature and conserving it.

I branched away from my other blog to bring you this one. Specifically addressing the “crunchy” aspects of my family. I get a lot of questions about natural labor, breastfeeding, baby wearing, cloth diapering, essential oils, and delayed and selective vaccines. While I’m not an expert and my two children are under the age of two, I’m figuring it all out and I like to share what I’ve learned with those who are interested.

So, here’s a little bit about my family and me. My husband’s name is Sebastian. I call him Seb for short. We’ve been together (loosely in our high school years) for 7 years. We’ve been married for over 2 years. In that span of time, we had two children, Salem (18 months) and Maebel (3 months), we have adopted two dogs, Stark and Watson, and we’ve moved 3 times, one move being around the 5000 mile mark. It included an ocean and a 9 hour direct flight.

Why do we move so much? My husband is a member of the United States Navy. The Navy pulled us out of Saratoga Springs and moved us to the tiny island of Oahu.

Aloha and welcome to the most recent and exciting chapter of our lives. We’ve been living in paradise for exactly 1 year today. And Hawaii is the place where crunchy has invaded my soul.

Maybe it’s the beautiful water or the way the clouds always linger on the mountains. Perhaps it’s the annoying way sand is positively terrible and wonderful all at once. (It’s certainly not the gnarly centipedes and giant cockroaches.)

But Hawaii has stolen my heart and made me want to be as natural and in-tune to God’s incredible world as I can be. I love this planet we live on and I want to do the best I can to leave the smallest fingerprint of harm behind me. Most of that boils down to the list I shared above.

So, welcome to my journey of natural, organic, healthy, honorable living. Feel free to join the ride in whatever you feel is best for you and your family.



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